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Hipster Dreams Shattered as Bushwick Trailer Park Gets Booted

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It started with a dream and a Craigslist post (or 20): A small group of entrepreneurs looked to attract the Brooklyn creative class to an old warehouse converted into an urban trailer park, complete with salvaged campers armed with hot plates and space heaters renting for $590 per month. And the Bushwick trailer park, aka the Nut Factory, did manage to get a handful of trailers up and running in the Meserole Street warehouse. There was even talk of a Manhattan expansion. Unfortunately, to the surprise of, well, no one, the Nut Factory ran afoul of the law. For fairly simple reasons, too. The industrial building has no residential certificate of occupancy, making it, in essence, an illegal SRO. There were no permits for a lot of the work done to make the warehouse liveable (there are also lofts on the second and third floors), and the FDNY deemed the conditions unsafe because the trailers' engines were running indoors.

All of this adds up to the building getting hit with a partial vacate order for the first floor, which is Trailer Town. Cold and indifferent legalese aside, we can all probably admit that this is one idea that just flew too close to the sun, underneath which the trailers might soon find themselves, if not already. So is the wacky experiment down for the count for good? The strange thing is that even with all the press the Nut Factory got, it probably still would have gone unnoticed by the Department of Buildings had someone not complained. Though we can't really be mad at the rat, because the complaint uncovered the awesome fact that the DOB apparently has a classification for "unusual condition involving an indoor trailer park." Code 37, you've zoomed right to the top of our Top 100 Favorite Violations list, right above drunk worker flees the scene.
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Building photo via PropertyShark, trailers photo via rentedspaces.