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Move to Riverdale, Defend Yourself Against Viking Invasion!

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Finally, a rival for Bay Ridge's fairytale Gingerbread House. This one's in Riverdale, and it was built in 1926 by Guiseppe Cousulich, apparently a well-known Italian ship builder. We've never heard of the guy, but we're digging his house, which is asking $3.75 million for 5,158-square-feet. The 5BR, 4.5BA home still has its original woodwork, but in case of a lumber emergency, there's a carpentry shop in the basement. Plus, turret breakfast room! We have no idea if all this is typical in a place like Riverdale, but if it is, why aren't we all living in Riverdale?
· Listing: 4720 Grosvenor Avenue [Stribling]
· On the Market: Hansel and Gretel's Bay Ridge Hidey Hole [Curbed]

4720 Grosvenor Avenue

4720 Grosvenor Avenue, Bronx, NY