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Bobby Abreu Finally Out at One Beacon Court, at a Profit

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Angels outfielder Bobby Abreu has been trying to unload his 2BR, 2BA apartment on the 37th floor of One Beacon Court for a while now. Since May 2008, in fact, when it debuted on the market asking $7.9 million. But much like his career with the Yankees, his attempts to sell the place were not entirely successful. Until now! The Times reports that Abreu has sold the apartment for $5.1 million (continuing a big week for real estate athletics). That's below even its most recent chopped ask of $5.1 million. But hey, Bobby still only paid $3.8 million for it in 2005, so the joke's on the buyer.
Abreu isn't the only One Beacon Court escapee to finally throw off the chains tying him to 151 East 58th Street. Italian playboy and Formula One racing magnate Flavio Briatore is also on his way out of his #PH53W. After giving the zebra-pattern-furnished place a $2 million chop, Briatore's pad went into contract last week. Still available: Johnny Damon's old place on the 39th floor.
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