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Nolita Shake Shack Fails to Break the Gottlieb Curse

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With neighborhood opposition rising against the planned Nolita branch of Danny Meyer's growing Shake Shack empire, Shack officials have announced they're abandoning their burger dreams at the corner of Mulberry and Prince Street. Eater has the statement, which reads, in part, "We were incredibly excited about investing in such an authentic neighborhood with its bustling retail scene and vibrant street life. Unfortunately, we could not solve the problem of building something that both made good business sense and was harmonious with the concerns of immediate neighbors." Shake Shack was set to build a brand new building on the former parking lot at 47 Prince Streets, which is owned by the increasingly reclusive and neglectful Gottlieb real estate empire. We wondered whether Danny Meyer had the muscle to break the Gottlieb chain, but in the end it was the NIMBYs, not the landlord, that did the Shake Shack in. Still, chalk one up for the curse.
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