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Larry Silverstein Searches His Soul, Finds No Room for Tower 2

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World Trade Center developer Larry Silverstein has had to sit down and face the music (hopefully his own) this month after the Port Authority denied his pleas for financing for two WTC office towers. And, brace yourselves, here's one possible result of Larry's soul-searching: we might be saying buh-bye to WTC Tower 2. That's the "glazed crystalline form and diamond-shaped summit" designed by Lord Norman Foster to be taller than the Empire State Building. Also the one planned WTC tower that people seemed to like. The Daily News reports that Silverstein has offered to put $250 million into his two remaining buildings and dump Tower 2 to cut costs. The Port Authority has already labeled the plan a "non-starter," but here are some looks at Tower 2's renderings, just in case they're our last.
A view of that diamond-shaped summit:

The full tower:

A rendered skyline view from across the Hudson:

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