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Gehry's Golf Clubhouse Looks Exactly Like You Thought It Would

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Abu Dhabi has usurped Dubai as the Middle Eastern hot spot for starchitects who want to get paaaiiid, and World Architecture News brings word that the FOG himself is joining the party. Gehry's clubhouse for the Saadiyat Beach Golf Club (opening 2013) is his first foray into the game of FORE!!!, following his first crack at designing headgear for fame monsters. Located on Abu Dhabi's Saadiyat Island, the course is surrounded by nine five-star hotels and is the only beachfront links on the Arabian Gulf. Fear not, Gehry's clubhouse will be more than just a place for CEOs to get soused and sexually harass the staff.

From WAN's writeup:

Scheduled to complete in 2013 Gehry's addition will include a boutique hotel with 26 deluxe rooms, two restaurants, a spa and a pro-shop and is designed to meet Estidama regulations, the Abu Dhabi-specific building sustainability methodology. “We are just at the beginning of the detailed design of the clubhouse and are very pleased with the progress thus far," said Gehry. "The design is intended to be an ephemeral mirage floating above the greens."So the renderings are perhaps a bit preliminary, but c'mon, it's not like the finished product isn't going to have big off-kilter blocks and wavy shit. Another look:

· Gehry's round [WAN]