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Red Hook Mega-Mall Becoming Red Hook Dorms Instead?

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Developer Joe Sitt's vision of a Red Hook mall called The Hook exploded our minds when tentative renderings leaked to us last year. But the former Revere Sugar Refinery site on the neighborhood's gritty waterfront has been a ghost town save for the demolition of the remaining old warehouse on the land that?oops?was supposed to be part of the mall. So is the whole plan dead? Sounds like it! The Real Deal was tweeting away during today's Brooklyn Real Estate Roundtable event, including this remark from Sitt that "the ultimate use of his Red Hook property would be student housing." What school? What will it look like? Are we being Punk'd? Time will tell, but we're more interested in the gut reaction from Red Hookers. Did they just dodge a bullet only to get hit by the ricochet?
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