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Townhouse With Bar Still Sees Profit in Empty Burg Condos

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Welcome back to Tuesday Townhouse: A look at a new-to-market townhouse that is rocking our world. Today we head to Williamsburg.

This week's townhouse is something a little different: a multi-family, mixed-use building with a ground-floor commercial space and two railroad apartments at 51 Kent Avenue in Williamsburg, asking $1.84 million. So what was it that caught our eye? This note in the listing: "It houses the last intact pre-prohibition bar in north Brooklyn, crafted by German cabinet makers of Cuban mahogany." What's more, there are lots of potential patrons floating around, because "several existing or new condominium projects will bring thousands of residents and potential customers within short distance." Some might call such optimism misplaced, but if anyone can make it through the recession, our money's on this place. Really, what's a little market dip compared to prohibition?

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