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Are Condo Renters Treated Like Second-Class Citizens?

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It seems like there ain't no love in the NYC real estate universe for renters who pitch their tents in brand new condos. Neighbors think they're no-good party animals who lack respect because they're not invested in the building. Developers, in the cases of unsold units, see them as living symbols of their own failure to sell product. They're a necessary evil. Etc., etc. But has the bullying come to an end? Are we on the verge of a renter rebellion? Probably not, but we are hearing more bitching! Like in this very honest review of newish Chelsea condo building The Oculus posted on StreetEasy yesterday. A taste:

Renters are explicitly prohibited from scheduling the common spaces, which I believe is ridiculous. The elevators smell strongly of marijuana, nearly at all times of the day and night. Thankfully, the doormen and maintenance crew are incredibly friendly, helpful and are genuinely good people. This has made life here much more pleasant, despite the fact that renters are treated like second class citizens by the condo board (which is saturated with petty politics). But I suppose, that there are few places in NYC that don't have "a ruling class" system, or overly privileged college students with drug habits. Harsh words, but not the only ones we're hearing from disgruntled condo renters.

A couple living in favorite Williamsburg discussion piece Northside Piers recently sent us a long list of complaints about the waterfront complex, including some details about life as an outcast:

My husband and I moved into One Northside Piers last November as renters (from an owner - not the building). We thought it best to give the place a test drive before plunking down a cool mil and guess what - this place is worse than the lead paint filled tenement we lived in on Avenue A! Management never gets anything done less than a month short of making the complaint because we are renters, not owners ... Our balcony door was broken by a repairman (yes, that's what I meant) and the building would not fix it even though we have a two year old. I told him it was a real safety issue and he replied, "Lady, your kid would have to be superman to open this door, pull something up to the ledge to climb over." Hand to God he said that to my face. I think he must have been raised by wolves or something.

And renters are just the innocent sheep. Or maybe they deserve taking a back seat to buyers? Discuss!
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