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Preservationists Warily Eyeing Anderson Cooper's Firehouse

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Anderson Cooper dared to venture into the heart of NYUville to seek out his $4.3 million firehouse at 84 West 3rd Street, but it won't only be snooping students and their Matrix-like ability to dodge hurled projectiles that the Silver Fox will have to deal with. Preservationists like the Greenwich Village Society for Historic Preservation have their sights set on Cooper's future abode, specifically any exterior alterations he's planning to make. Ever since the historic building was put up for sale, the GVSHP has been campaigning for it to get landmark status out of fear the building will be demolished or have its facade tinkered with. GVSHP's Andrew Berman doesn't think Cooper is planning anything crazy, but he's worried about future owners down the road, DNAinfo reports. The Landmarks Preservation Commission confirmed they are looking at the building as a possible landmark, but that's it for now. Meanwhile, former fire officers who worked in the building are also on edge. One told DNAinfo, "I'm deathly afraid he's going to take it away and make it into some sort of brownstone townhouse." We're all afraid of the Village getting infected with the Park Slope bug, friend. Stay strong.
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84 West 3rd Street

84 West 3rd Street, New York, NY 10012