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Javits Federal Building Plaza Getting Redesigned With Trees and Sun

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Most of the recent ink spilled on the Javits Federal Building at 26 Federal Plaza has dealt with the building's expensive, expansive security pavilion. But there's a little more going on down in Foley Square. Archpaper reports that the plaza outside, most recently designed by landscape architect Martha Schwartz, is getting redesigned this spring by Michael Van Valkenburgh Associates. The people behind the Hudson River Park carousel are planning a "composition of curling and embracing landscape pieces" for the plaza. Apparently, that means more nature: seating under trees, and heliostats on top of adjacent buildings to send more sunlight into shaded areas of the plaza. Compare the rendering above to what the plaza?once the home of the controversial Tilted Arc sculpture and most recently redesigned by landscape architect Martha Schwartz?looks like now.

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