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Williamsburg's Growing Finger; A Pro-Garbage Garage Celeb

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WILLIAMSBURG?North 8th Street's infamous Finger Building, now under new ownership as The Albero, is on its way to climbing from 10 to 14 stories. It will accomplish this feat with the assistance of the giant crane now at the site. That hopeful spring 2010 completion is looking a bit out of reach. [CurbedWire Inbox]

STUY TOWN?Sometimes it seems like the sole purpose of the 73-year-old Citizens Housing and Planning Council is to occasionally publish awesome old materials from its vast archives online. The CHPC already made available some original advertising materials for Stuyvesant Town as well the relocation plan for the 11,000 people that got booted from their homes to build the complex. Now some more history: Hit up the homepage to find the 1947 Supreme Court brief filed by Thurgood Marshall tsk-tsking Met Life's discrimination against non-whites at Stuy Town. [CHPC]

HUDSON SQUARE?Finally, a celebrity takes the side of the city in the Tower o' Garbage controversy! Check it out, Oscar the Grouch is rolling with Team DSNY! Dude's an even bigger name than James Gandolfini. [CurbedWire Inbox]