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New 'Burg Condo Building Sports Unplanned 'Gritty' Look

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Renderings of the 28-unit 390 Lorimer Street are still alive and well on the website of S3 Architecture, their fake trees greening up the Williamsburg block, fake people kicking back on white leather couches and playing fetch with fake dogs. So calming! In reality the building, which has been percolating for a couple of years now, is looking a bit more rough around the edges. A special Curbed correspondent sends in some fresh shots of 390 Lorimer, and it seems that the building is picking up the High Line's slack when it comes to graffiti. Based on the flimsy "front door" we wouldn't be surprised if squatters are now enjoying the "creamy white and varied blue porcelain tile and rift cut oak floating cabinets and shelves" intended for our rendering friends.

PropertyShark's info on the plot notes that a mortgage foreclosure lis pendens was filed by creditor Capitol One Bank back in June, which could be one reason for the holdup. Writes our tipster, "It would be interesting to aggregate all the properties being started/built/stalled from Metropolitan Avenue to Montrose Avenue between (roughly) Union and Bushwick Avenues (in 'East Williamsburg'). There are a slew of them. Some of them are damned big to boot. It'll be interesting to see what happens when they hit the market. The ones which actually get finished, anyway. My prognostication: total disaster." Aggregate all the properties? We think this is enough despair for one day.
· Lorimer Condominiums [S3 Architecture]

390 Lorimer St

390 Lorimer Street, Brooklyn, NY 11206