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BellTel Lofts Puts Eight More Floors of Apartments Up for Sale

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We'd nearly forgotten that apartments in DoBro's BellTel Lofts were being sold in phases, but today's Brooklyn Eagle reminds us with the news that the building's latest phase, called the Sky View Residences, is now on sale. In this case, "Sky View" means 10th through 18th-floor apartments with 13-foot ceilings and, in some cases, outdoor space. What's the pricing on these puppies? $820,000 to $2 million for 800 to 1,989 square feet. While prospective buyers are busy gawking at the Sky Views, seven studio apartments still on the market from an earlier phase were also re-priced in consultation with the Chopper and are now asking $440,000 to $572,000. With yet more DoBro shadow inventory now brought into the light, we'll be in our underground bunker trying to process this latest sign of the end times.
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BellTel Lofts

365 Bridge Street, Brooklyn, NY 11201