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New Domino Critics Say Beware All That Affordable Housing

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To the surprise of some Williamsburg waterfront watchers, the New Domino plan for the old sugar refinery hasn't been buried beneath a North Brooklyn oil slick. In fact, the proposed housing complex has even showed signs of life, economy be damned. It may still be decades before all that industry is replaced with 2,000 apartments, but the rumblings near the Williamsburg Bridge may soon trigger an eruption regarding that age-old hot topic: affordable housing. About 30% of the units in New Domino are supposed to meet the criteria for affordable housing, and one potential plan to finance their construction with the proceeds from condo sales (the market-rate units would be built first) was not being met with much cheer down in South Williamsburg. The issue is now the subject of some fliers being placed on car windshields in the 'hood alleging that Domino's developers aren't bound to their affordable housing pledges, and the luxury units would actually wind up displacing 20,000 residents. What can we say? Our Spanish is terrific! Just kidding, here's the English version:

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New Domino

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