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Columbus Square's Penthouse Mania Now for Rent

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[Photos by Will Femia.]

It's an established fact that when Columbus Square does something, it does it big. The new rental community?created from scratch in a quiet corner of the Upper West Side?brought in Whole Foods as its grocer and Michael's as its craft superstore, and includes five apartment buildings adding up to over 700 apartments. That bigger-is-better theme has now carried through to the recently unveiled Penthouse Collection at 808 Columbus Avenue. The megaproject's tallest building and crown jewel (359 units, saltwater pool, two acres of elevated landscaping, etc.) doesn't have just one or two or even 10 penthouses. It has over 30.

We're dealing with quite a hefty lineup of apartments: studios through 4BRs, starting at $2,580 $3,350 per month. (UPDATE: Apologies, $2,580 is the starting price for all units in the building). The units are classified as "penthouses" for their higher ceilings and private terraces, and of course they're on the higher floors of 808 Columbus. Now, a penthouse below a building's top floor might be heresy to some, but the Central Park views we spied on our tour of the building should still fill any Penthouse Collection renter with the sudden urge to scream, "I'm king of the world!" For the sake of the neighbors, please don't.
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Columbus Square

808 Columbus Avenue, New York, NY