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City Point's First Phase Gets Approval and a Tiny Model

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Community Board 2's Land Use Committee has approved the design for City Point, the mixed-use project planned for the site of the Albee Square Mall. Which means we have fun models to look at! The project has already gone through some adjustments, and will be built in phases. The first phase, modeled at right, will include big-box retail and affordable housing. Its architects, a team from Cook + Fox Architects, say their design has an "affinity" with the neo-classical former Dime Savings Bank building nearby, the Times reports. So not exactly the Bellagio Hotel of malls once promised by former site owner Joe Sitt. City Point's second phase, to be built at some future date, will include market-rate housing, office space, and additional retail. While that phase awaits investors, the site might play host to...shipping containers. But on the plus side, the containers could be adaptively reused to house workshops or exhibits. Bonus?
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