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High Line Graffiti Removal Enters Phase II

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Old graffiti both infamous and anonymous got removed from the buildings along the first section of the High Line before the promenade's grand opening, leading to a bit of backlash against the spic-and-spanning of the local sights. The city-sponsored effort to give the High Line a buffed new look is now well underway on the unopened second section of the park north of 20th Street, Jeremiah at Vanishing New York notes, and that means it's lights out for well-known pieces like the above from old-school taggers Cost and Revs. A distraught Jeremiah writes, "To those who prefer to walk the safe path, the next length of the High Line is being prepared just for you." Safe? But this guy's not even wearing a helmet!
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West 20th Street at 10th Avenue, New York, NY