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'04 Memories of Battery Park City; Townhouse Reader Rant

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[The Verdesian's old views. Click to expand!]

BATTERY PARK CITY?Remember the Lower Manhattan skyline in a time before the new Goldman Sachs HQ, the rising Liberty Twins and more? Luxury BPC rental tower The Verdesian certainly does. A tipster writes: "Check out the Verdesian website, under 'the views'. Notice anything missing from 'Looking East' and 'Looking Southeast'? Well just about everything is missing... A nice 700 foot tall building behind the Embassy Suites, Liberty Luxe & Liberty Green (at least they are somewhat new additions to the 'view'), 200 Chambers, 101 Warren... I won't even complain about TriBeCa Green and the old folks home not being there.... or the Beekman for that matter. Looks like these pictures are circa 2004 MAYBE 2005. I wish I had a good picture of the real view, but I'm sure you guys can understand the ridiculousness of what they are showing." So much hostility! We consider it a nice pre-building boom time capsule. [CurbedWire Inbox]

UES?Holy crap did today's Tuesday Townhouse strike a nerve! Among the feedback, a fairly epic reader rant we'll condense into this brief takedown: "They paid $1K a foot back in 2007. This place is right near 2nd ave, right where the subway construction is roaring right now? The 'garden' that they need 2 laundry rooms for?? It’s a concrete hole in back that reminds me of the scenes in movies where 23 hour lockdown max security inmates get let into a 10 foot square 'outdoor' area for exercise. Only difference is this hole has a outdoor grill... The interior sucks just as much... The door to the wine fridge looks like a walk in cooler at a deli. And who gives a shit about LEED?" Polarizing! [CurbedWire Inbox]