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Hey, UES Homebuyers: Think Green Thoughts, Get a Fire Pit!

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Welcome back to Tuesday Townhouse: A look at a new-to-market townhouse that is rocking our world. Today, we're back on the UES.

We've been on a bit of a green townhouse kick in recent days, so when the developer of 243 East 82nd Street sent the building along for Tuesday Townhouse consideration, we were intrigued. This $8.3 million house (five bedrooms, three full bathrooms, and two half-bathrooms) is, according to the developer, the "first LEED gold certified single family townhouse in NYC." What's all that certification get ya? Some quirky stuff! Like a roof garden with a fire pit and a ground floor garden with a stainless steel kitchen. Since there's apparently a lot of garden dirt to play around in, there are also two laundry rooms, which seems like no mean feat for an eco-conscious building. Then there's what we're sure will be the built-in entertainment value of neighbors' comments on that facade.
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243 East 82nd Street

243 East 82nd Street, New York, NY