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NYU Fills Up First Brooklyn Dorm; How's the Rent?

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Speaking of NYU taking over the city, the school has quietly opened its first Brooklyn dormitory, at 67 Livingston Street, the Brooklyn Eagle reports. Word trickled down via NYU News that the 26-story sliver building sold by the Jehovah's Witnesses in 2007 is now home to NYU graduate students, as well as undergrads at the recently hyphenated NYU-Poly. The 76-unit building is going by the name The Livingston and everyone seems to be on their best behavior because we haven't heard any complaints from neighbors. That includes some fairly high-end company, so we got to wondering what these kids are paying for pretty decent setups (kitchens, bathrooms, hardwood, air conditioning) in an easily accessible Brooklyn location.

The Eagle lists these numbers as NYU's room rates per graduate student for the 2009-2010 academic year: $8,712 per student for a shared studio (that's $968 per month if we're talking about September-May), $13,108 for a one-bedroom apartment shared by two students ($1,456 per month) and the maxed-out $17,422 ($1,935 per month) for the luxury of having a studio apartment to yourself. That's more than some of those new luxury towers nearby, innit? Well, somebody's gotta foot the bill for those Fifth Avenue acquisitions. As for the whole Brooklyn thing, NYU News says nobody's sleeping with one eye open: "Though there are fewer RAs than most resident halls, students have no qualms about safety living in the Brooklyn-based dorm."
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