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Controversial Dung Artist Buys Spike Lee's Old Fort Greene House

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Until now, the main claim to fame of this brownstone at 180 Washington Park in Fort Greene is that it was owned by director Spike Lee back in the 1990s. But it hit the market back in August, and now it has a new, notorious owner. That owner is Chris Ofili, whose controversial "Holy Virgin Mary," a painting of a black Madonna surrounded by elephant dung and magazine porn, upset Mayor Giuliani so much in 1999 that he threatened to cut the Brooklyn Museum of Art's funding. The controversy doesn't seem to have hurt Ofili's wallet, as Brownstoner reports, because he paid $2.8 million for the house, above the original ask of $2.75 million. Even though the house has been sold, the floorplan lives on in the original listing.

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