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Brooklynites Kindly Ask Jean Nouvel To Take His Carousel Elsewhere

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We thought the saga of Jane's Carousel had been resolved when Dumbo queen Jane Walentas agreed to pay for a Jean Nouvel-designed pavilion to house the carousel and to kick in $3.45 million, plus any profits from the ride, toward landscaping and improvements at financially troubled Brooklyn Bridge Park. But local civic groups still aren't happy, the Post reports. They claim that the restored 87-year-old carousel is a poor fit for the park and not worth the loss of trees. "We all love the carousel; we just think it belongs in another part of Brooklyn Bridge Park," said the Dumbo Neighborhood Association's executive director. The ingrates! The Fulton Ferry Landing Association, the Vinegar Hill Association, and the Brooklyn Bridge Park Defense Fund have all joined in on the late in the game anti-carousel outcry. Also coming in for some criticism is Nouvel's proposed glass pavilion, which the groups say will be too modern for the spot. They suggest putting it on the park's Pier 6 or under the Manhattan Bridge. Way to look a gift fake horse in the mouth, guys and gals!
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Jane's Carousel

Old Dock Street, Brooklyn, NY