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NYU to Cover the East Village: The React-o-Matic!

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Yesterday it was announced that the New York Times will soon be launching The Local: East Village (LEV), a blog covering all things East Village-y produced by NYU journalism students and faculty. Today, a sampling of the responses on the Internet to that announcement.

"Awesome that the Times thinks enough of the East Village to assign the beat to some NYU grad students who haved lived here for a short time... I have a lot of mixed feelings about all this... too much to try to process at the moment..."?EV Grieve

"My third and minor objection is that most of the reporters are going to be young people who actually don't know anything about the history of the area they're reporting on. But that's fine, if they are smart or have time to learn things or have a good editor."?Choire Sicha, The Awl

"NYU is notorious, hyperlocally, as the reviled enemy of the EV. if they cover what they know best, it'll be pub crawls, frat-house hijinks, shopping, and eating."?Vanishing New York's Jeremiah in the EV Grieve comments

"NYTimes version of East Village news/culture will be written by NYU students?!? this is not right."?@adariostrange

"NYU is a citizen of the East Village, a powerful institution (and huge land owner) within the frame. Our students are part of the community; they live there, or at least a lot of them do. Because we’re located there; we can’t really separate ourselves from our subject. Look, not everyone is going to be thrilled that NYU is doing this with the New York Times."?NYU professor Jay Rosen, PressThink

"Both Lily and I are incredibly excited about this project, and have been waiting for quite some time for the press release to go public. Hopefully, the NYU and East Village communities will share our enthusiasm."?Upcoming LEV bloggers on NYU Local