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Landlords See Mixed Success With Rent Increases, Report Says

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The last week of the month means, yup, another monthly Manhattan rental market report from the folks at The Real Estate Group New York. The last report contained the bombshell claim that landlords were pulling back on concessions and even testing rent increases. But this month's analysis of how well those increases went is a little less daring. TREGNY reports: "Landlords were beginning to test the market by removing concessions and increasing rents, and it seems that at least some of these tests were successful. While some properties did return to their original offerings, there were equally as many that did not." So that's cleared right up! And what are the hard numbers on rent and vacancies?
Rents stayed essentially flat month-to-month, though they're still down 2.99 percent compared to this period of 2009. Vacancy rates are down, too, by 9.65 percent in doorman buildings and 3.02 percent overall. TREGNY points deal hunters to non-doorman one-bedrooms in Greenwich Village, Tribeca doorman two-bedrooms, and Gramercy Park non-doorman two-bedrooms, all of which are at their lowest prices in more than a year. The current most and least expensive neighborhoods:

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