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Citylights Residents Plagued by Subway Fans, Sleep Deprivation

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Residents of Long Island City's Citylights building may not have to pay any property taxes, but that doesn't mean everything is a-okay at LIC's pioneer residential high-rise. What seems to be the trouble? Subway exhaust fans, used to the clean the air in a 7 train tunnel while workers are making repairs. The fans come on at all hours, and Citylights dwellers just can't get a good night's sleep. One resident compared the noise to "having a blender running at full speed on the pillow next to him," the Times reports. Transit officials say muffling the noise would cost $300,000, and money isn't exactly growing on trees for the Metropolitan Transportation Authority these days. But on the bright side, complaining about the noise has brought about a new camaraderie among residents. Awww!
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