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Big LIC Thing Done Growing; Art Insanity at High Line, NewMu

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LONG ISLAND CITY?Two Gotham Center, the 21-story office building that's been wowing many a 7-train rider zipping through Queens Plaza, has topped out. (That's a recentish photo above.) Will the rest of Tishman Speyer's ambitious Gotham Center get built? Baby steps, people. Two Gotham Center will house the city's Department of Health when completed in early 2011. [CurbedWire Inbox]

HIGH LINE?Friends of the High Line has announced the second project curated by arts group Creative Time that will soon grace the rails. Following up artist Spencer Finch's colored glass tiles will be Stephen Vitiello's sound installation in the High Line's 14th Street Passage entitled A Bell For Every Minute. What is it? Bells! Want to know more than that? Click here. Debuts in June. [FHL]

LOWER EAST SIDE?Noticed that the New Museum's scrolling sign that usually blasts the slogan "New Art, New Ideas" to the Bowery suddenly says things like, "A lot of professionals are crackpots" and, "A sincere effort is all you can ask?" That's the work of artist Jenny Holzer, whose LED sign magic also graces the lobby of 7 WTC. It's part of the museum's new Skin Fruit exhibition curated by Jeff Koons. [CurbedWire Inbox]

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