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Real Estate Gold Rush to Follow Watchtower's Brooklyn Heights Exit?

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After years of consolidating their Brooklyn Heights operations and marketing properties in their vast neighborhood portfolio, the Jehovah's Witnesses (aka The Watchtower Bible & Tract Society) have confirmed rumors that the organization is planning to relocate its world headquarters to a 253-acre site in Warwick, NY. But sorry, Brooklynites, these t-shirts aren't vintage...yet. The religious funatics will still hold on to their two biggest buildings at 25 and 30 Columbia Heights, or at least they will until the next real estate boom. As for some of the other buildings, a Watchtower rep told the Brooklyn Eagle last year: "We have eight smaller buildings [in Brooklyn Heights] we have yet to sell. Because of the market we are not actively promoting their sale. We've even started using the Bossert [Hotel] again on a limited basis." Watchtower's real estate sales have a big impact on the area, such as the old shipping facility that recently became luxury condo complex One Brooklyn Bridge Park. More to come?
· After Century in Brooklyn, Watchtower Pulls Out of Heights [BK Eagle]