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Harlem Hole May Go Hotel, or Maybe Not

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So there's this big empty lot that's been empty for a few years up at 5-15 West 125th Street in Harlem, between Lenox Avenue and Fifth Avenue. Harlem Bespoke thinks that the property was being targeted for a 252-room luxury inn called the Uptown Grand Hotel, before the economy sunk it (and besides, the Aloft is coming this summer). Those plans seem to have been replaced with a cheaper Hilton Garden Inn totaling 144 units, but we're also intrigued by the mysterious third candidate: An office building rendering from Curtis + Ginsberg Architects that was proposed at one time. If the eyesore does end up going hotel (or sitting empty for years), no sweat, just toss the idea onto the Harlem Park heap. Check out the architect's website for a little shot of the 126th Street elevation, "kept low to fit with adjacent brownstones."
· Inn or Office on West 125th? [Harlem Bespoke]