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Big Reveal: How Much for a Lofty Flatiron Condo Conversion?

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And now, the results of this week's PriceSpotter asking price guessing game!

Location: 225 Fifth Avenue #3M
Asking: $2.85 million

Even with a couple of no-good cheaters spoiling the building's ID early, some Pricespotter troopers persevered. There was one lowball guess of $1.65 million, many guesses in the $2 millions, and a high of $3.5-$3.75 million. "This is all about how much a view of the park is worth," one commenter opined. "Without it, it's a $2M place. With them, think $2.5...which means they'll ask $2.75!" (Oh, seller logic!) But for others, park views (and Shake Shack proximity) and a storage room weren't enough to make up for a lack of in-apartment closet space. To each his own. Catch y'all next time.
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Grand Madison

225 Fifth Avenue, New York, NY