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Remembering the Meatpacking District of Way Back (Nine Years Ago)

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How much has the Meatpacking District changed since 2001? Here's how a New York Times story on the neighborhood's burgeoning preservation effort described the neighborhood three months before 9/11: "The sidewalks run with rivulets of greasy blood, and prostitutes pick their way around discarded chunks of fat." Wowzers! Nowadays the writer would have to replace blood with "hair gel," prostitutes with "bouncers" and chunks of fat with "Eastern European models." The story is a trip down memory lane into a not-so-distant past (though it feels like it was written 100 years ago), and was brought to our attention by a Curbed reader who writes, "I stumbled upon this article about people concerned that the Meatpacking District might change. Oh boy, were they right to be concerned. It's almost sad how that neighborhood has not only changed but is now so...uncool." Hey! That depends on how your psyche reacts to the concept of bottle service. Couple interesting things: Diane von Furstenberg's involvement in the Save Gansevoort Market campaign somehow eventually led to her cheering on a glassy new office building, and the corporate landlord that one ousted meatpacker refers to as "just yuppies from Washington, D.C." actually donated money to the preservation effort. That meatpacker's old building now houses a Scoop store.
· Landmark Status Is Sought for Meatpacking District [NYT]