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Cheap Sutton Place Co-op Doubles As Time Machine

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On snowy days when we're stuck inside indefinitely, we like listings that double as brain teasers. Like this one at 324 East 50th Street, a purported 612-square-foot 2BR, 1BA co-op. It's asking a low-sounding $399,000, and we've already killed off precious brain cells trying to figure out how a convertible three-bedroom with "X LRG EAT IN WINDOWED KITCHEN" and a washer and dryer can be 612 square feet. The decor suggests some time travel may be involved, in which case we probably shouldn't be worrying about how this property is possible according to the laws of physics. Per the listing (which is sadly floorplan-less), there's "POTENTIAL FOR PROFIT here for those with FLAIR." We remain skeptical that additional flair is necessary, but any takers?
· Listing: 324 East 50th Street #3D [Citi-Habitats]