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Williamsburg Condo Buyers Lose Their Private Cabanas

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The Ikon, an esteemed member of Williamsburg's Karl Fischer Row, has one interesting quirk over its Bayard Street brethren: It's not completely brand new. The long four-story base of the building had a life before McCarren Park was home to heated hipsteratti kickball games, and the six-story addition is the more modern touch. The slenderness of that extension created quite a bit of outdoor space on the building's original roof, which ended up being carved into common space and a handful of private cabanas. Think such classism shouldn't exist in artsy Williamsburg? You're in luck, because the wooden dividers separating the cozy cabanas have been torn down. Power to the people! Not quite. More like, power to the rules and regulations!

The CabanaGate photos come from an Ikon resident who was told by a building doorman that the fences had to come down because they didn't meet the fire code. We'll take his word for it, but anyone out there knowledgeable in the field of fire safety as it pertains to private outdoor party cubicles, please let us know. As our tipster points out, here's the real damage for cabana owners:

No word as to whether these folks who paid big bucks for a cabana are going to get them back in any form. All I know is that anyone who goes up to the public space on the roof deck now has a clear view into the fishbowl apartments. The occupants have the choice of putting up curtains to block the view, or living in the equivalent of a display window.Yikes! Talk about getting to know your neighbors. The Ikon's website has a construction photo that shows the early stages of cabana construction. The dividers are already visible:

Speaking of this very photo, our Ikon tipster continues:

See that small structure on the roof area on the left? It's a glass enclosed room for that particular apartment. That poor bastard just bought the apartment for around $800k. They put his fence up enclosing it from the common area literally right before he bought it about two months ago. Now the whole thing is ripped out and folks going to the common area get to stare right in because it's floor to ceiling glass. he must be PISSED.Or maybe he'll just enjoy showing off, like Hugh Jackman proving that size does matter in the West Village. Of Christmas Trees, of course.
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