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Please Allow 15 Union Square West to Introduce Itself

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The sales effort at 15 Union Square West might be taking a little nap, but the building itself is showing signs of life. We noticed the glassy condo is now sporting a modest tag. Outside the lobby on West 15th Street a sign in simple stainless steel is set atop a canopy surrounded by slabs of black stone. Sneaking a peek through the big glass doors, the lobby looks tufted and cozy?but very intimidating. Perhaps that's one way to scare off folks who don't have the $5 million and up needed to consider this place home. The Jenga jumble of cubes, formerly a Tiffany & Co. building, looks better in real life than in pictures. The glass is slick and reflects the neighborhood in crisp detail. Still to come and tucked away inside: A site-specific sculpture of floating "pearlescent acrylic spheres" from artist Grimanesa Amoros. Bling in the building's past and its future!
· 15USW will return soon []
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Union Square

, Manhattan, NY 10003

15 Union Square West

15 Union Square West New York NY