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New Bowery Building's Ideal Tenant is Handsome, Foreign

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Though we already know plenty about 2 Cooper Square, the 15-story rental tower that has pledged to restore some local history while flooding the Bowery with new restaurants and retail, the matter of when residents will have a crack at it remains uncertain. But we're starting to get a clearer picture of the timeline, and it's telling us "soonish." EV Grieve alerts us to a casting call that went out for the building's marketing brochure and website materials. Who is the Bowery resident of the near future? Glad you asked:

Masculine, attractive, intelligent, a Javier Bardem or Clive Owen type occupation is not easily guessed, possibly has teenage kids who don't live with themThat's really not so different from the Bowery of old, but at least now the single guys with broken homes out wandering the streets will be more handsome.
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2 Cooper Square

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