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Subsidized Renters at Williamsburg's Edge Ask: What's the Holdup?

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[Photos by Will Femia]

At Williamsburg waterfront development The Edge?she of the lengthy comparison charts and starving artist competitions?construction looks close to done. That's on both the twin condo towers hugging the waterfront and the 347 or so affordable rentals on the Kent Avenue side, for which a competitive lottery was held last year. A tipster tells us that the lucky lotto winners were told they could move in this January, but no move-ins have yet taken place. This made us curious enough to sniff around, so we checked with the folks at the Edge. They say the building's management agent was hoping to move people in early, but that the planned completion date was always March, and things are still on track for an opening next month. Late, early?when this behemoth finally opens everyone will be happy. So what's the holdup on those move-ins?

UPDATE: Word from the DOB after the jump.

Both future residents and the folks at the Edge's affordable office point to the Department of Buildings, which our tipster claims has inspected the building but has not yet issued a Certificate of Occupancy. We've reached out to the DOB for comment on the Edge's C of O status, and we'll update as soon as we have a response. Meanwhile, take a look at the current state o' construction in the gallery above.

UPDATE: The DOB tells us that the final construction, plumbing, and electrical inspections still need to be completed before the Certificate of Occupancy can be issued.
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The Edge

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The Edge

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