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Fashion Titan Quietly Selling Rupert Murdoch's Soho Water Tower

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Last time the triplex loft at 141 Prince Street was on the market, the property belonged to Rupert Murdoch, and it hit the market with a gradual, tantalizing reveal of all its glorious features. That deal came and went, with the apartment sold to design bigwig Elle Tahari and his wife for $24.675 million?a Soho record?in 2005. But now, the Post reports, Tahari has put the apartment, in a former chocolate factory, back on the market. With, sadly, none of Murdoch's fanfare. Even without an official listing, the Taharis are reportedly already close to a deal for something a little higher than $22 million. Our favorite feature of the place: still the walk-in water tower-slash-storage room. Talk about an amenity!
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