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Designer Is Leaving Bonkers Chelsea Apartment To Do Another

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One question we could not answer when eyeing interior designer Christopher Hyland's wacky $22.5 million on-the-market apartment at the Chelsea Mercantile was why does this apartment look like this. Happily, the Times continues its recent tradition of posting its weekend real estate stories online early and steps into the void with answers from Hyland himself. Hyland started designing the apartment in his mind at age 14 (!), and he and his partner have spent about a decade bringing that teenage vision to utterly bonkers life. That makes it worth the $22.5M price tag, because "if you're going to charge a fortune for housing in this city, you have to give people something that has a sense of soul." So why leave all that soul behind? To buy another place and do it all again! Just send us progress shots this time, we're begging you.
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Chelsea Mercantile

252 Seventh Avenue, New York, NY