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New Rental Building 200 West Floats Above the Upper West Side

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Up on Broadway and 72nd Street, where a new Trader Joe's will soon try to trample the local foodie competition, there's some value engineering and general tedium architectural slight of hand on view. At 200 West, the 19-story stack of retail and luxury rentals from Handel Architects for the Gotham Organization, everything seems to float over the recently installed all-glass base. Behind those panes a few thin concrete columns appear to be the only support for the 192 apartments spreading above the southwest corner of this busy intersection. That expanse of glass will offer a fantastic vista of the neighborhood, and possibly the best view ever of a Gray's Papaya. The building has also debuted a placeholder website, and a new nickname, The Corner. Isn't that where they stick troublemakers? Things are getting dangerous on the Upper West Side!
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200 West

200 West 72nd Street, New York, NY