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NYU's Arborcide Complete on Thompson Street

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NYU has declared its love for trees, stating that, "The University is aware how important trees are to the quality of life of the community," but that didn't stop them from chopping down four mature flowering pears on Thompson Street in order to make way for the new Center for Academic and Spiritual Life rising at 58 Washington Square South. Locals wanted to save the trees, but NYU pleaded their case and the treehuggers lost. Now there's room for the underground pipes that will connect the proposed house of faith with NYU's new Cogeneration Plant a few blocks to the east. NYU is pledging to restore the greenery, and the building itself will be a tribute to the lost souls. According to the wordsmiths at NYU, "The symbol of the tree is one common to many of the world's religious traditions and has been used metaphorically to inspire the façade design."
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Center for Academic and Spiritual Life

58 Washington Square South, New York, NY