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American Express Loft in Tribeca Won't Take Plastic

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Though a source close to the building insists "there's nothing juicy to report," a Corcoran listing for a 2,440-square-foot condo in the landmark American Express Carriage House on Hudson Street just set off the alarm bells at Curbed HQ. We're not used to seeing chic Tribeca real estate marketed with fire sale language like, "OWNER SAYS SELL." We're talking about one of five units currently on the market in the restored and converted old horse stable, which has become something of a Curbed obsession due to its radical transformation. The loft is priced at $1.895 million, an astoundingly low $776 per square foot made less shocking by the fact that the apartment is pretty raw. From the brokerbabble: "Incredibly spacious Pre-War Loft which was almost 60 percent completed when developer says stop, find an ALL-CASH-BUYER, and Sell now." The building has yet to log a sale, so a fresh cash injection might be the best prescription.

Other units in the building (which also has an entrance on Collister Street) are more fleshed out, and Corcoran?different brokers, however?is still listing the absolutely bonkers Marble House carved out of the building for $21.5 million, down from the original asking price of $24.5 million. No outright panic or "all cash" decrees there, so what gives? Here's the potential floorplan for #2D and some more pics of the work-in-progress:

· Listing: 60 Collister [Corcoran]
· 157 Hudston Street coverage [Curbed]

American Express Carriage House

60 Collister Street, New York, NY

60 Collister Street

60 Collister Street, New York, NY