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Developer Looks to Tempt Local Schools With Red Hook Mega-Dorm

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Both the Brooklyn Paper and Brooklyn Eagle follow up yesterday's shocking remark by Brooklyn land baron Joe Sitt that his big chunk of the Red Hook waterfront (formerly the Revere Sugar Refinery and once eyed for a shopping mall) will be used for college dorms. The Eagle says Sitt's new plan is "a development with retail at its base and residential — possibly even student housing — above the retail," indicating the Thor Equities CEO is still spitballing some ideas. The Brooklyn Paper quotes Sitt as saying, "Ask any university, they're starving for student housing. [It could be] quasi-residential student housing if we can tempt a nearby university." Red Hook survived "The Real World" so it can certainly deal with beer-funneling freshmen, but the smart money is still on Sitt winning rezoning and flipping the property to another developer. So what other fun ideas for the Ikea-adjacent land are out there? Did someone say Six Flags Red Hook?!
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