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Demolished UES Garbage Garage Leaves Behind Rare Ruins

While Tribeca celebs are busy battling plans for the Tower o' Garbage, Upper East Siders are wondering what to do without the trash tower they were promised. The Sanitation Department demolished its former garage on East 73rd Street a few years ago, leaving empty what Upper Green Side calls "one of the last develop-able lots" on the UES. Well, mostly empty. Except for those slightly creepy concrete ruins above. Upper Green Side self-deprecatingly says they're "not quite the Renwick Ruins," but hey, why beat yourself up over what you can't control? Community Board 8's environment and sanitation committee convenes next week to discuss the ruins' immediate future. The uptown tower o' garbage is still in the eventual cards, but until that happens, a temporary park or garden is a possibility, perhaps connected to the new ferry landing under consideration across the street. While that's all getting hashed out, let's take another look at those ruins.

· The Upper East Side Ruins [Upper Green Side]