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After Five Months, UES Townhouse Conversion is 40 Percent Off

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In a PriceChopper rarity, we were alerted to this bit of Upper East Side choppage by the listing broker himself. We're always in favor of acknowledging the Chopper in the room, so here's the skinny on this one: it's currently at 10,120-square-foot nine-unit building at 591 Park Avenue. It comes with 3,600 square feet of unused air rights and -- and! -- Landmarks pre-approval for conversion to a single-family mansion or four duplex condo units. It hit the market in October asking $15 million and started the new year with a 15 percent price cut. This week, the ask was cut another 29 percent, for a new price of $9 million. So go to it, mansion fans!
· 591 Park Avenue [StreetEasy]