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Stalled Building Sites Getting Recycled Into Parking Lots

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Even amid recent dour new development news, there have been some hints of reanimation among stalled projects. And now The Real Deal's Sarah Ryley has filed a lengthy look at some arrested developments with zombie tendencies?of a sort. Few are planning to relaunch Warehouse 11-style. Instead, a lot of them are becoming parking lots, sometimes illegally. Developers can get around $250 per month per car on a stalled project-turned-lot, as they're doing at 510 Driggs Avenue, and?without city permits? at 261 and 237 North 9th Street in Williamsburg. Other buildings that have been resurrected as parking lots include TF Cornerstone's 677 11th Avenue and 86-98 Canal Street in Chinatown. Developers say the lots are only temporary measures, but you don't hear many complaints about parking glut.
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