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Hugh Grant, Gerard Butler Kick Tires on Bond Street Penthouse

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Ever since the landmark's conversion to condos, we've been awaiting the stream of prospective buyers for the Bouwerie Lane Theater at 54 Bond Street. And we now have two rumored contenders! The Post's Jennifer Gould Keil reports that Hugh Grant and Gerard Butler are both looking at the 4,862-square-foot triplex penthouse. It's on the market for $15.45 million (more than Bond Street baron Adam Gordon paid for the whole building in 2007). The penthouse price includes the building's basement, which can be used as either storage space or a 1,510-square-foot lap pool. Despite the potential for awkward Hugh-Grant-in-a-towel encounters for the occupants of the other two units, if Hugh or Gerard buys and doesn't go with the pool option?well, we'll never speak to either of them ever again.
We dusted off our 54 Bond Street penthouse gallery. Here's what Hugh and Gerard are currently fighting over:

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54 Bond Street

54 Bond Street, New York, NY 10012