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Washington Square Park's Phase II Blueprints Revealed

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This week members of Community Board 2's Parks Committee along with a handful of curious citizens got a sneak peek of the almost-finalized plans for the next stage of the on-going Washington Square Park renovation. A few months back the Parks Department promised to present a show-and-tell on this $16 million project, so some blueprints were forwarded for showing, but the telling is still to come. The plans shown do reveal the layout of the seating "pods" (down from the previous six to a new four) in various sizes that will be situated at the eastern edges of the park. At the southwest corner the big chess circle will be reconstructed with a ring of 19 tables. Nearby the reconfigured mounds (R.I.P.!) will grow, controversial astroturf and all.

Two dog runs will be built along Washington Square South, one for the bigger guys near the mounds and another for small critters farther to the east, opposite NYU's upcoming faux-rest (and within barking distance of the relocated Pétanque courts). The "teen plaza" will become an adjunct of the new Garibaldi Plaza, overseen by the Italian revolutionary's relocated statue. To keep things in line, nine new security cameras, discretely mounted on light poles and funded by the NYPD, will be placed throughout the park. Still to come are designs for a refurbished outhouse comfort station/maintenance center, which will be revealed at yet another CB2 meeting in the future. Will Phase II win as many positive reviews as Phase I? We'll have to wait and see.
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