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Developer Backs Off Red Hook Dorm, Still Wants Shopping

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Thor Equities CEO Joe Sitt denied to the Post's Rich Calder that he wants to build student housing on the Red Hook waterfront, so apparently the guy making those claims to a room full of reporters two days ago was his evil twin. Now that bizarro Sitt has been subdued and shackled in the real Sitt's Bensonhurst basement, the developer can discuss his plans for the former Revere Sugar Refinery site that he purchased for $40 million five years ago and later flattened. Sitt says big box retail is still the goal, even though the mega-mall plan appears to have been scrapped. The land needs to be rezoned, and a city spokesman confirmed that talks are ongoing. Sitt and the city are also negotiating to bring a $100 million shopping center anchored by a BJ's store to a vacant bus depot in Bensonhurst. What's with all the sudden Sitt action? Let's just say that he and Mayor Mike are suddenly on better terms.
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