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Saved East Village Stable Reopens; Broker Hijinx

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EAST VILLAGE?After a bit of preservationist outrage back in 2006, artist Frank Stella's former studio at 126-128 East 13th Street was spared from demolition by a developer planning a new condo building. The historic old stable was used as a horse auction mart and a training center for women during WWII. A dance studio signed a lease for the place, and interior work has been going on since 2007. It's been quiet over there for a while, but a GVSHP newsletter points out that the Peridance Studios has opened! Huzzah! GVSHP is upset the building still isn't landmarked. [CurbedWire Inbox]

CRAIGSLIST?A reader's tale of some amusing broker shenanigans: "We know Blackstone Properties as the people posting all sorts of ridiculous prices on downtown and other luxury rentals around the city. The ones with the ridiculous stock photographs and the trains in the ads. The ones that have titles such as SEXY COOL UNITS LIKE JAY Z Heart wingdings... etc The ones that never actually have a real picture of an actual available apartment. WELL...They have a new craigslist monitoring policy. Something tells me they got a stern warning. At the top there is a link to send the manager an email with any fake ad that is spotted. COOL Right?.... WRONG!!! when you click to send an email.... the address is: wait for it... wait for it...! A few examples here, here and here." [CurbedWire Inbox]