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LES Residents Vent About Noise; The Mark's New French Place

This week's top dish from Eater, Curbed's restaurant, bar, and nightlife blog...

1) LES: LES residents had a chance to vent all their nightlife noise issues at a town hall event last night, and an Eater operative reports that the discussion went...pretty well, actually, even if the community doesn't sound quite ready for the peace talks stage of the noise wars.

2) UES: In addition to having a really expensive penthouse, The Mark is also soon to have a restaurant (above) from Jean-Georges Vongerichten, so whoever forks over the $60M to live upstairs can also have rustic French takeout.

3) Midtown East: Steakhouse Smith & Wollensky has found a way to cash in on the bonus bouncing: accepting stock certificates as well as cash, for all those employees whose bonuses were all-stock this year. Will any apartment sellers dare to do the same?

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